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JA Banks in Action®
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Through hands-on classroom activities and local, regional, and national competitions, JA Banks in Action teaches high school students the principles of the banking industry, and introduces them to the challenges of successfully operating a bank in a competitive environment. JA Banks in Action not only educates young people around the world about the banking industry, but also encourages them to become better citizens and smarter consumers.

Session Titles and Summaries

Session One: The Building Blocks of Banking
Students study banking basics, including industry history, primary operations and procedures, and products and services.

Session Two: The Spread
Students learn about short-term deposit and loan products, and how a bank’s income is affected by spread.

Session Four: Long-Term Opportunity
Students learn about long-term deposit and loan products and the elements involved in approving or denying a loan application.

Session Five: Decide on Long-Term Products
Students complete a flow chart that demonstrates balancing assets and liabilities.

Session Six: Spend Money to Make Money
Students analyze a variety of banking research and development options, and create a list of benefits in which to market their chosen option.

Session Seven: Behind the Scenes
Students learn about various banking careers and how to expand their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Session Eight: The Competition—Bank of Choice
Students use knowledge gained from previous sessions to compete in a computer-simulation classroom competition.

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