Be Entrepreneurial 2015

By developing the essential components of a business plan, JA Be Entrepreneurial
challenges students from 15 to 19 years old, start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

Following participation in the program, students will be able to:

• Recognize characteristics and practices of successful entrepreneurs.
• Evaluate an entrepreneurial idea based on product, customer, and competitive-advantage criteria.
• Demonstrate business-planning skills for venture start-up, marketing, manage ment, an d ethical decision-making.

This year has 5 participating schools

1. Thewphaingarm School, Bangkok
2. Wat Dan Sam Rong School, Bangkok

3. Darasamutr School, Chonburi Province
4. P
luakdaeng Pittayakom School, Rayong Province
Maptaphut Phan Witthayakhan School, Rayong Province

Students take on the roles of various entrepreneurs as they develop their product or service idea, and analyze sources of successful entrepreneurial ventures to select a product or service as the basis of their business plan at Thewphaingarm School, Bangkok.


Students apply the key elements of successful entrepreneurs to their product or services and complete sample business plan and Group photo at Wat Dan Sam Rong School, Bangkok.

Students play a game that demonstrates effective competitive advantages and select the best for their own entrepreneurial venture and Group photo at Darasamutr School, Chonburi Province.

Students evaluate actual companies that have excelled in selecting and applying successful competitive advantages and Certificates at Pluakdaeng Pittayakom School, Rayong Province.

Students learn through case-studies how being ethical is good for business in the long run at Maptaphut Phan Witthayakhan School, Rayong Province.