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Cha-Ching® uses games played with the students to explain the concepts of EARN, SPEND, SAVE and DONATE. Students between 8 and 10 years old attend a 2 ½ hour workshop which develop these themes through a series of volunteer led games and team work activities. Currently the program is delivered in Thai up to 100 students in each workshop.

Workshop Summarised
The program starts with a DVD which introduces the 6 Cha-Ching Mascots, After briefing the students, they play 4 rounds of the competition where in each round the children are encouraged to earn as much Cha-Ching money as they can by playing fun games such as “The Bean and Chop Stick Relay”, and the “The Hula Hoop Rotation”. Through these games, which use a variety of different abilities such as dexterity, concentration, planning and sports, they also learn important skills such as effort, reward and teamwork.

With their hard earned cash the children then have the option to SPEND, SAVE or DONATE their money. The game is interspersed with UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, such as “Your notebook is missing, spend 15 Cha-Ching coins on a new one!” Spend too much and you can’t afford to pay the bills! The children can bank their money and SAVE enabling them to buy something better later, waiting vs instant gratification.

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