JA Company Program®
by Junior Achievement Thailand

JA Company Program meets the after-school programming needs of a diverse group of students by providing engaging, academically challenging, and experiential learning sessions in economic education.

The following key concepts will be presented:

  1. Company structure and each student’s role within the company
  2. Company capitalization
  3. Customer-product focus
  4. Product-market pricing
  5. Company operations
  6. Product sales
  7. Individual entrepreneurial plans
  8. Company liquidation

Meeting Titles and Summaries

Meeting One—
Students work together to establish an effective and efficient team environment, while outlining specific leadership roles for the future company. Students create values and standards for the company and explore its vision, mission, and goals.

Meeting Two—
Working as a company, students conduct officer elections and learn about each department’s opecific responsibilities during the Operation and Liquidation Phases.

Meeting Three—
The company enters the Context Phase of the program. During this phase, students use tools such as market surveys and cost-benefit analysis to determine potential products for their target market.

Meeting Four—
The company enters the Deal Phase of the program. During this phase, students select the top two or three product options for cost-benefit analysis.

Meeting Five—
The company enters the Business Opportunity Phase of the program. Students host a Board of Directors meeting to approve the company’s Business Plan, review implementation strategies, and accept the company Charter.

Meeting Six—
Materials needed for product production are ordered, and the company Business Plan is implemented. Students may take part in an extended learning opportunity.

Meeting Seven—
Students continue to operate the company.

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