Junior Achievement Thailand launches STEM Innovation Camps with support from BlackBerry

Junior Achievement Thailand  launches STEM Innovation Camps 1

Junior Achievement Thailand in partnership with BlackBerry held a one day workshop in the topic of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Innovation Camps with 80 high school students from 10 high schools in Bangkok attended the workshop.

Blackberry expected 1,000 high-school students from 14 countries to compete in June. Supported by volunteer mentors from BlackBerry, the students will be tasked to come up with solutions to a variety of STEM related business challenges.

The Innovation Camps help raise awareness among secondary school students of STEM related business challenges, showcase industry role models, and lead the way to showing that skills-based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs have a vital role to play in the future of education and aligning curriculums with business needs. During the Innovation Camps, the students had developed practical business skills and were encouraged to adopt entrepreneurial thinking.

The events focused on fostering young people’s problem solving and innovation skills. Students were given a specific challenge to solve within a set period of time. The link between business and education helps students to develop skills that are relevant to the workplace and allows them to apply their academic learning to real life situations.

M.L. Pariyada Diskul, Executive Director of Junior Achievement Thailand said, “I think it will be a fantastic experience for the Thai students as this platform will open them to new ideas. The students will love the challenge as they will get to use their creative skills in coming up with new innovations.”.

“BlackBerry was built on innovation and is a strong supporter of science, engineering, technology and math in education. We are proud to support Junior Achievement as they engage young people and encourage them to think outside of the box,” said Renata Rusiniak Manager, Citizenship at BlackBerry.

The winning team from Thailand will compete globally in an online final against the other national winning teams worldwide on June 13, 2013.