STEM Innovation Camp
Sponsored by Blackberry

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Innovation Challenge

Participants Requirement :
This is a 12-hour intensive ideas generating workshop where students from 15 to 19 years old (in full time education) get together in teams of 4 to 6 to address a specific business challenge. Previous challenges have included “Create a product or service to help the handicapped” or “Develop a concept that would increase young people’s interest in energy or environmental issues ”. The students are put into teams and, since they will not necessarily know each other, they will have to adapt to each other quickly and find out how to work together most efficiently. The students will have the opportunity to foster an understanding of the world of work and the spirit of entrepreneurship through the principle of “Learning by Doing” whilst developing their interpersonal as well as problem-solving skills and learning to work with very tight deadlines. The day starts with icebreaking and creativity exercises followed by the presentation of the problem to which students brainstorm and develop a business solution. Each group presents their ideas to their peers and a panel of judges. Besides receiving Blackberry Smartphones, the winning team will also go through to compete in a global challenge in May/June 2013, which will reflect the modern electronic era and will be conducted totally on line (mentoring, presentation, Q&A etc.).

Sponsored by :
The project is sponsored by Research in Motion (RIM, the company behind the innovative, award-winning Blackberry® product line) and has been successfully running in Europe. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, RIM has emphasized the importance of working with young people, improving access to technology around the world and engaging its employees as volunteers. They are also committed to furthering science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). In partnership with JA-YE Europe, Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education programs, they are supporting the facilitation of one-day STEM innovation camps. These provide real life technology based business challenges for the students to tackle with their employee volunteers. Over 900 students and 70 employees in Italy, Spain, South Africa, France, Sweden and the UK have participated in these forward-thinking innovation camps. The challenge has now come to Thailand along with 14 others!

Testimonials :
An employee volunteer from Italy explained: “It was a fantastic experience, seeing how these young people were so engaged and energized. They loved to learn about BlackBerry and were able to use their creative skills to come up with some brilliant innovations. And for me personally, I really enjoyed being able to play my part in helping guide these students and see them gain confidence and get excited about innovation for the future”.

“There is no question that innovation is at the heart of economic progress – it is the very bones and sinew of our economy and society. We recognise the importance of fostering business enterprise by connecting students with the business community. Innovation Camp gives students the invaluable opportunity to learn and be challenged by mentors,” said Caroline Jenner, CEO of JA-YE Europe.

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